Data Analytics & Graphics Masterclass

Marketing Evolution C-Suite Summit


There are no roles today in Marketing or Advertising that can be accomplished without recourse to data, more data than ever before. This module details a best-in-classanalytical process – QPDAC – for how to tackle any kind of data analysis. We then explore working with Qualitative data and how to find universal truths while avoiding the many pitfalls. We then work with Quantitative data (Big Data), which presents a completely different set of challenges in finding the nuggets amidst the countless “Fool’s Gold” data points.

Date: Wednesday October 21st
Time: 10 am
Fee: $350


Charting data as a route to analysis and insight is an essential competence as data sets continue to grow in size and complexity. We explore the essential role charts have always played in enabling the System 1 brain to comprehend and analyse System 2 information. We then examine the four analytical roles charts can play and how to decide which type of chart is best for which type of analysis. After elaborating the role of heuristics in analytical chart design, we finish with an in-depth case study on how the inability to choose the right chart formats ultimately resulted in the Challenger shuttle disaster.

Date: Wednesday November 4th
Time: 10 am
Fee: $350


Making complex charts simple and unforgettable can be accomplished following our 9 key steps. But moving from good to great charts involves two leaps which we explore in depth: from Situational Analysis to Structural Analysis and in the framing of precisely the right question the chart should answer. Finally, we delve into the world of comic strips, highlighting the key structural story-telling techniques that will make chart presentations seamlessly flow.

Date: Wednesday November 18th
Time: 10 am
Fee: $350


All modules are 90-minutes long and conducted via Zoom. Each topic is introduced with a framework to establish the concept, which we then illustrate with real world examples before diving into thought-provoking exercises. Attendee numbers are limited to 16 per module to ensure full participant engagement in the breakout group exercises. We finish each session with an optional, free 30-minute Bradley Group “Ring-light Chat” where participants can engage with John and Carrie to explore course learnings in more depth, pick our brains on real issues faced or just chat about industry issues and trends.


John Bradley spent 25-years with Cadbury in the U.K. and Canada in Sales Analytics, Brand Management, Strategic Planning and running one of the U.K.’s largest consumer research departments. He has published several books and, from 2013-2017, was Judging Coordinator of the CASSIES.

Carrie Bradley (no relation) spent 15 + years in Financial Services, NFP and Pharma in a variety of organizational effectiveness roles, including Head of Network Strategy, AVP Wealth Strategy and AVP Sales Effectiveness.



What Our Clients Say

John and Carrie have an incredible ability to uncover the hidden business problems and opportunities that most overlook. They achieve this by bringing a fresh perspective and going beyond the obvious and expected. They look deeper and wider at the business, analyzing it from all the angles. And from there, they turn their learning into killer charts and a clear and compelling story backed by data that all stakeholders can understand. At Grey, we’ve worked with The Bradley Group numerous times to help redefine the marketing and advertising objectives for our clients, and to build powerful business cases that prove the effectiveness of our work. It goes without saying, they are highly, highly recommended.

Ian Westworth SVP Head of Planning & Effectiveness GREY Canada

“I had the opportunity to engage with The Bradley Group when I was just starting out with my business, Chronically Simple. Their insight and expertise was invaluable to my business growth. Both Carrie and John shared their knowledge and professional experience to ensure that my business was able to narrow down our overall strategy which allowed us to ensure we were focusing our efforts in the right areas. I look forward to working with Carrie and John again in the future as my business needs change.”

Kristy Dickinson – Managing Director, Chronically Simple Innomar Strategies

“Distell Wine & Spirits (Canada) Inc. in partnership with PMA Canada Ltd appointed John and Carrie, to help us with several strategic marketing initiatives this past year. Their exceptional brand marketing leadership coupled with their passion for solving complex business issues made this project an incredible success. Through thoughtful workshops and employee empowerment, the Bradley’s quickly identified opportunities to streamline marketing investment, aided in developing insights driven approach to brand marketing, create a regional halo to support the global vision while engaging multiple brand marketers across several beverage alcohol categories. Their ability to simplify complex business issues, creating a clear roadmap for success is their forte. I would highly recommend the Bradleys’ as their leadership transcends industries.”

Bren Wylie Country Manager, Distell Wine & Spirits

“We hired John and Carrie to conduct a deep dive analysis on one of our largest wine brands. They were tasked to review our strategy and identify key factors contributing to our decline.  We were extremely happy with their level of analysis and recommendations on building our new strategy.  I also went through their persuasive presentation training module. It was very comprehensive, unique and to the point.  I walked away from the experience with confidence and eager to apply what I learned.  I enjoyed working with both of them and respect their professionalism and extensive knowledge. I would hire them without hesitation on future projects. “

Marian Stillo -Senior Brand Manager | PMA Canada  

lg2 worked in collaboration with John and Carrie on a brand repositioning in Quebec. They had great collaborative tools to kick start the planning process.  They are a talented duo of leaders focused on data analysis and getting results. They also have sharp analytic eyes that help simplify the narrative for everyone. They are as effective as their name.



Marie-Christine Cayer – Partner, Vice-President, Account Sevices, Montreal – lg2

“JAKS Beer, Wine & Spirits hired John and Carrie to help us build a strategy for private label.  The methodology they used to run a full day strategy session was incredible and resulted in us developing a strategy that was consistent with our brand and ensured buy in across the team.  We could have never reached this outcome without their leadership and knowledge.  John and Carrie are at the forefront of retail strategy in Canada.”

JAKS Beer, Wine & Spirits