Managing Brand Equities

Brand Equities

Will enable a better understanding the source of brand strength, separating out the timeless core elements of the brand in order to regain its relevance in a modern context. The course is conducted in the Agency’s offices, work-shopping up to three brands. A pre-workshop briefing meeting will be required to brief the trainers on the selected Brands.

Who Should Attend

Suitable for Account Supervisors, Account Directors, Group Account Directors, Planners, client brand teams.


  • Understanding the Brand’s origins, reason for being and need originally fulfilled
  • Evaluating the Brand’s Advertising, Design and Route-to-market histories
  • Analyse Competitive positioning using Centrality – Distinctiveness mapping
  • Identify sources of Profit and Value At Stake
  • Understand Brand Renovation, Innovation and Re-positioning strategies
  • Develop 6-month, 1-year and 3-year Brand key initiatives and milestones.


$4,000 – Up  to max 16 attendees