Securing Resources Post-COVID

New for 2020
Ad Budgets
With many businesses having massively downscaled operations, filling their postCOVID priority list will be crucial business reconstruction tasks: re-hiring staff, retraining, reconfiguring supply chains etc. Agencies will need to make tangible, factbased cases to win campaign resources at a time when there will be an unprecedented number of calls on much-diminished corporate cash reserves. This course provides two crucial tools you can work on NOW to help you win back your budgets.

Universal Brand Mapping

New for 2020
Brand MappingTypically, brand maps represent consumers’ perceptions on opposing dimensions, e.g. budget/premium, spicy/mild. But how do these relate to business outcomes? Centrality-Distinctiveness Mapping connects a brand’s position on a perceptual map with sales and price, guides brand strategy and resource allocation decisions, and can be applied to any product/service category, making it an ideal strategic tool for agencies working across many different clients.

Business Strategy Thought Leadership

Business Strategy Thought Leadership

Equip your client-facing personnel to think and talk strategically about your clients’ businesses and understand how they create value. Participants will learn to identify company DNA and sources of enduring strategic advantage, interrogate business strategy and engage in conversations on how to drive profit.

Influencing the Client


Prepare Account personnel to successfully transition from output-based roles into value-generating, C-Suite relationship-building roles. Four key tools will enable attendees to evaluate marketers’ strategic influence, the strategic role of the marketing department, on which of the four levels of Business Strategy the client sits and be able, as individuals, to climb the Strategic Influencing Pyramid.

Turning Big Data into Big Insights

New for 2020
Killer ChartsThe tsunami of Big Data seems to have washed away the ability to draw and communicate insightful meaning from it. Grounded in the latest data visualization best practices, attendees will learn to apply the Problem-Solving Cycle to draw compelling insights from data, and then communicate through powerful visuals.

Proving Your Campaigns Work

Brand EquitiesSuccessful campaigns create far more business value than clients or their agencies realise. This course focuses on how to identify three key areas of value creation usually missed in campaign reviews that will enable you to demonstrate to your organization the tangible, incremental value your communications create.

Write Winning Case Studies

Business Case Writing

Learn how to write consultant-standard campaign case studies you can take into the C- Suite of current and potential clients, applying business storytelling techniques.


What Our Clients Say

“I had the opportunity to engage with The Bradley Group when I was just starting out with my business, Chronically Simple. Their insight and expertise was invaluable to my business growth. Both Carrie and John shared their knowledge and professional experience to ensure that my business was able to narrow down our overall strategy which allowed us to ensure we were focusing our efforts in the right areas. I look forward to working with Carrie and John again in the future as my business needs change.”

Kristy Dickinson – Managing Director, Chronically Simple Innomar Strategies

“Distell Wine & Spirits (Canada) Inc. in partnership with PMA Canada Ltd appointed John and Carrie, to help us with several strategic marketing initiatives this past year. Their exceptional brand marketing leadership coupled with their passion for solving complex business issues made this project an incredible success. Through thoughtful workshops and employee empowerment, the Bradley’s quickly identified opportunities to streamline marketing investment, aided in developing insights driven approach to brand marketing, create a regional halo to support the global vision while engaging multiple brand marketers across several beverage alcohol categories. Their ability to simplify complex business issues, creating a clear roadmap for success is their forte. I would highly recommend the Bradleys’ as their leadership transcends industries.”

Bren Wylie Country Manager, Distell Wine & Spirits

“We hired John and Carrie to conduct a deep dive analysis on one of our largest wine brands. They were tasked to review our strategy and identify key factors contributing to our decline.  We were extremely happy with their level of analysis and recommendations on building our new strategy.  I also went through their persuasive presentation training module. It was very comprehensive, unique and to the point.  I walked away from the experience with confidence and eager to apply what I learned.  I enjoyed working with both of them and respect their professionalism and extensive knowledge. I would hire them without hesitation on future projects. “

Marian Stillo -Senior Brand Manager | PMA Canada  

lg2 worked in collaboration with John and Carrie on a brand repositioning in Quebec. They had great collaborative tools to kick start the planning process.  They are a talented duo of leaders focused on data analysis and getting results. They also have sharp analytic eyes that help simplify the narrative for everyone. They are as effective as their name.



Marie-Christine Cayer – Partner, Vice-President, Account Sevices, Montreal – lg2

“JAKS Beer, Wine & Spirits hired John and Carrie to help us build a strategy for private label.  The methodology they used to run a full day strategy session was incredible and resulted in us developing a strategy that was consistent with our brand and ensured buy in across the team.  We could have never reached this outcome without their leadership and knowledge.  John and Carrie are at the forefront of retail strategy in Canada.”

JAKS Beer, Wine & Spirits

“Gravity Partners engaged John & Carrie to facilitate “Thought Leadership” and “Building Strategic Influence with Clients” training sessions and I’ve since had the pleasure of working with them for a number of years. The sessions were a solid mix of presentation material balanced with group exercises, and they’ve easily adapted their modules in both style and content to ensure they remain relevant in our current landscape. Perhaps most importantly is how quickly the team applied their learnings and demonstrated their newly developed skills. John & Carrie are nothing short of professional, personal and I dare say effective.”

Carissa Dougall – VP Group Account Director at BBDO Canada